GOTO Oslo 2020

Tuesday Mar 3
19:30 –

Embrace uncertainty, and reality will hug you back

We live in an uncertain world that seems to shift and transform by the second. How can our software teams every be effective when the ground is shifting below their feet?

While the discomfort of uncertainty and chaos may well make us feel uncomfortable, even fearful. It's precisely where the value in most of our projects lies.

In this session we'll explore how to embrace uncertainty and deliver the right things at the right time. Even when it seems hard to pin down what the right thing is and when it's needed!

  • How to make your work board a tool to support group problem solving and collaboration.
  • How to use story mapping to plan work and understand the level of uncertainty.
  • How to use projections to help with prioritisation and planning.
  • Why having a language to discuss uncertainty is so important.

This mini-masterclass is for anyone wanting to better prioritise their teams' work, respond effectively to an ever changing environment and deliver value.

John Le Drew
Experienced engineer making psychological safety a right for everyone
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