GOTO Oslo 2020

Wednesday Mar 4
11:00 –
Location: Sky Club - Deck 9

SCRUM Patterns, On the Path to Perfection

You ordered the big ‘build it yourself’ palace online and then followed the instructions step by step. Well maybe not step by step because the manual was not ordered. But you did all the steps. Well at least most of them. Maybe you skipped the less important or the ones that was absolutely impossible to follow in your current settings. You look at your construction and it does not quite look like the one on the package. Actually it looks far from it. But now you have it and you are determined to make it work. You make a list of things that needs to get fixed but you do not know how. This is where patterns can help.

Implementing Scrum is very much like building a house. Everything is connected and if the foundation is not solid the symptoms may be the door on the first floor is binding. But being a novice in house building makes it hard to make the connection.

Scrum Patterns can be a way to get the insight you need to tune your Scrum implementation. This presentation will help you understand patterns and show you how to use them as a tool in the never ending journey of keeping you Scrum palace fit for the market.

Dina Friis
Scrum mastermind and senior agile coach at Nets
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