GOTO Oslo 2020

Wednesday Mar 4
11:00 –
Location: Columbus Club - Deck 8

Scaling Online Groceries with Java

What does it take to run an online grocery store and delivery network at scale? A lot of Java, it turns out! In this session we'll share how Picnic's systems evolved while growing from tiny start-up to handling millions of orders across multiple countries. From migrating to Java 11 right after its release, to decomposing our monolith, there are many hard-earned lessons we can share.

Going cloud-native and reactive? Obviously. Although, not without their own challenges, as we'll see. Scaling teams also means making tech choices that are less obvious. For example, we'll show how enabling technologies like the Immutables project and Google's Error Prone offer automated sanity for developers. Come and learn how the fastest growing online grocery company in The Netherlands builds its systems, with Java front and center.

Sander Mak
Java Champion and author of O'Reilly's "Java 9 Modularity"
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