GOTO Oslo 2020

Tuesday Mar 3
17:50 –
Location: Aud 1+2 - Deck 10

When the mountain speaks, listen!

You are a member of a team - maybe even a cross-functional team. Let’s go and visit a herd of horses to see what we can learn about teams. You meet with your team in the morning - maybe you call it the Daily Scrum. Let’s salute the sun and each other in a way that makes a difference for the rest of the day. You work in weekly or monthly iterations - maybe you call them Sprints. Let’s follow the moon... the rhythm that we anyhow recognize more or less consciously. You review your work - maybe you call it a Retrospective. Let’s light a bonfire to get ready for the next cycle. What is really going on when we work in teams? What does the rhythms do for us? Are feelings acknowledged only in Retrospectives? And what about envisioning? Do we delegate it to a Product Owner? We can balance our usual analytical understanding of how we work, with practical insights from the natural world:

  • Competences for the Whole
  • Rhythms for Connection
  • Feelings for Direction
  • Imagination for Manifestation

Each of these insights can be studied for many moons. This talk can maybe plant a few seeds which can grow and thrive, if they fall in fertile soil and get attention - attention that can make our daily work more grounded, more spiritual, and more whole. To reciprocal benefit for you and all you are connected to.

Oh, and the mountain? Remind me to tell you the story. And the water has important messages to us, too. Hado!

Gertrud Bjørnvig
Brings learnings from nature, animals and spirit into product development; co-author of “A Scrum Book: The Spirit of the Game”
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