GOTO Oslo 2020

Wednesday Mar 4
12:00 –
Location: Columbus Club - Deck 8

Rip It Up And Start Again?

How exactly are architecture and organisational structure related, and what does this mean for microservices?

Much of the attention for microservice architectures tends to focus on the technical aspects. But when you look into the details of organisations that have benefited from this approach you realise that there is more to getting the most out of microservices than lots of shinny new technology.

In this talk, I show how organisational structures and team responsibilities may need to change if you want to get the most out of adopting a microservice architecture. Looking at traditional IT structures and comparing them with the modern autonomous delivery teams, he’ll explore how to get the organisation and architecture working well together. From Conway's law, to Dunbar's number and two pizza teams, you'll see how you can start to apply these ideas inside your own company.

Sam Newman
Expert in helping people ship software fast and author of “Building Microservices”
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