Become Crew

We're looking for students and volunteers to join our conference team and help us make this the best GOTO Oslo possible.

As a member of our CREW you will help us for approx. 12 hours during the conference with practical work such as:

  • Guarding a room
  • Showing direction
  • Help with the registration
  • Answer attendees' questions
  • Miscellaneous tasks

All we need from you is your time and in return, you will get to attend the rest of the conference and social events for free. You will get to bond with your fellow CREW, talk with the speakers, partners and attendees. Furthermore, you will get to peek behind the scenes of organising our conference.

We now have all the CREW we need. If you are still interested join the waiting list by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our CREW manager Oliver: