GOTO Oslo 2020

Tuesday Mar 3
16:50 –
Location: Columbus Club - Deck 8

Making smart choices from the authentication cookbook

Compared to a decade ago, the meaning of authentication has changed significantly. Modern applications not only authenticate users but also rely on authentication for API access and inter-service communication. Authentication mechanisms still include passwords, but also rely on API keys, signed JWT tokens, and cryptographic authenticators. With so many options to choose from, making the right choice becomes a difficult challenge.

In this session, we explore several authentication recipes for different scenarios. We will discuss authentication in API-based applications, microservice architectures, and, of course, modern user authentication scenarios. At the end of this session, you will be able to choose the right authentication mechanism for your application according to current best practices.

Philippe De Ryck
PhD in web security, OWASP and practical security mastermind and founder of Pragmatic Web Security
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