GOTO Oslo 2020

Tuesday Mar 3
17:50 –
Columbus Club - Deck 8

Kotlin 4 vs. Scala 3 - Which Has Higher Quality?

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2020 will be a big year for both Kotlin and Scala. Kotlin has grown far beyond its roots and is now found as often on the server as in mobile apps. Plus Kotlin Native and JS are evolving the language beyond the limits of the JVM. However this has caused both the language and the associated tools to become more complex in Kotlin 4.

Conversely Scala has increasingly been perceived as problematic, and is no longer seen as the presumptive successor to Java. Increasingly it has been pushed back into its strongest problem domains, such as Machine Learning and Big Data. This has caused the language to be radically simplified in Scala 3, with problematic features removed and a strong focus on usability.

This talk will look at Kotlin and Scala in their most modern incarnations and ask which has the highest quality as a programming language and platform for application development.